Thursday, November 07, 2002

Suckful on Hiatus

We're transitioning over to our new home at, AND we're relocating the Worldwide HQ Command Bunker across the country, so we're going to be out of the game for a few weeks.....until then, thanks for reading! See you at the new place in a soon!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Get on the Bandwagon Now!

Here's our current favorite for President in 2004: Aneb Rasta.

“It’s my mission to run for president in 2004,” Rasta said. “I ain’t bullshitting. I know what the hell I’m doing. People think it’s a damn game. It ain’t no damn game. I understand that, I’ve studied all that shit. I’m qualified. I’m a damn doctor. I’m a damn doctor in every area of the humanities, so I know what the hell I’m dealing with.”
The Post-Mortem

The best one I've seen: by Korn at the Nation.

Here's another good one: Meyerson at the American Prospect.

And now, the SdB Screed:

Let the purging begin. Throw out the Clintonist wing of the Party; it was a luxury we could afford with the boom times of the 90's. Let's face it, except for universal health care (which blew up early in thier faces), the Clinton ideology was not one of policy but of tactics. The Clinton White House sought only to play the game, not to win the issue. The strategy of triangulation led to a party hooked on tactics over substance, and choked off development of winning themes. We need Democrats of conviction who can devlop and implement things that are politcally attractive and viable.

SdB's Top Issues Where we Win and they Lose:

  • Corporate Responsibility - No one trusts the crony capitalists to govern themselvs fairly. Back positions that give workers the same rights as executives on the disposition of capital wealth.

  • Tax Reform - Support the tax cuts, but direct more of the cuts at the middle class. Force the GOP to give tax relief to wroking families, not the top 1%.

  • Environmentalism - Not the hardcore, tree-hugging kind, but the kind that speaks to suburbanites concerns about the quality of life issues. More greenspace, less sprawl, cleaner air and water, etc. Green issues consistent poll well among the middle class, yet the Dems fear embarcing them.

  • Abortion rights - purge the pro-life Democrats. They just put the party into uncomfortable contortions.

  • Fair trade - Support the goals of trade, but make sure we are not exporting jobs to nations where the wage is 2 cents a week. Work to include approval of human rights in trade status.

  • Anti-terrorism - Instead of scaring everyone senseless, find ways to help Americans achieve security by supporting strong, effective measures. You can't privatize or underfund security. Steal this back from the GOP.

  • War on Drugs - Admit defeat with the current militarized approached to the failed WoD, and promote one based on reform and rehab, not prisons and military action. Attack demand, not supply.

There is still plenty to lose, other than the majority. If we don't start fighting on these issues, we'll lose it all. One day we'll wake up in a police state of our own making, and then there won't be anything we can do about it. Go forth and take the Democratic Party back.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

9 PM results

Last one, and then you are on your own.

PRYOR (D) OVER HUTCHINSON!!!!!! Just desserts for the hypocrite! If nothing else goes right, Hutchinson has been retired. There is justice after all.

Chambliss (R) in Georgia. Too bad.

Craig (R) in Idaho.

Smith (R) in Oregon. I don't know much about Oregon, but isn't this where hippies live?

Guinn (R) in Nevada for governor.

Granholm (D) in Michigan. More Dems in the industrial section.

Vilsack (D) in Iowa. The GOP pulled out the stops in Iowa, and they got spanked.

Carcieri (R) in Rhode Island.

Perry (R) in Texas. Dammit.

Sanford (R) in South Carolina.

So at midnight EST, we have the GOP 47 and the Dems at 46, with one independent. Still to go: Alaska (almost a guaranteed GOP), Colorado (with Allard up with more than 1/2 the precincts in), Louisiana (heading for a run-off), Minnesota (Coleman up in early returns), Missouri (with Talent up and most of the precincts in), and South Dakota (too close to call). Nothing shocking is going on in the House, but Maryland 2 and 8 went Democratic. Those two won't be enough. The Dems are winning the governships in the midwest, and holding their ground elsewhere.

Let's see what the political landscape looks like tomorrow. Right now, it looks like the Dems are in trouble. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Sebilius (D) in Kansas.
8 pm PST Results

Sununu (R) looks like he's going to beat Shaheen. Uh-oh. More and more, those western races look critical.

Cornyn (R) in Texas. Why do black candidates poll higher than election results? White guilt?

Baucus (D) in Montana going on to win.

Ehrlich (R) is going to beat Kahleen Kennedy Townsend in Maryland. First GOP guv'ner since Spiro Agnew. Is this a shift in Maryland or a poor candidate in KKT?

Romney (R) is going to win in Massachusetts. Why do GOPs keep winning the governship in Mass?

Owens (R) for governor of Colorado.

Rendell (D) wins in PA. That's good. I'll chalk it up as a repudiation of stuffed windbag and Security Czar Tom Ridge's existence as a human being.

Blaggo (D) wins in Illinois! It's good to see the Dems get back the industrial governerships.

Pataki (R) wins. Duh.

Rounds (R) in South Dakota.
7 pm PST Senate and Governor races

Lamar! (R) wins in Tennessee. Booooooo! Talk about recycled Senators......

Durbin (D) beats Durkin in Illinois.

Hagel (R) in Nebraska.

Enzi (R) wins in rock-solid, nobody-lives-there Wyoming.

Reed (D) in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (hey, that's the official name of the state.....)

Graham (R) in South Carolina. The Sanders surge fades.....

Cochran (R) in Mississippi.

Domenici (R) in New Mexico.

Rowland (R) wins in Connecticut governors' race.

Johanns (R) in Nebraska.

Bill Richardson (D) wins in New Mexico.

Taft (R) in Ohio.
Harvey Pitt is Resigning

Hiding on the big election day newscycle. A classless act 'til the end. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
6 pm PST Senate and Governor Results

Jeb (R) is torching McBride. Ouch. Looks the beta chimp is going to make it.

Benson (R) for guv'nor in New Hampshire, taking over from Jean Shaheen. No one is calling the Seante race yet.

Frank Lautenberg (D), who is not Robert Toricelli, is going to win New Jersey over Doug "I'm not Toricelli" Forrester.

Liddy (R) is going to beat Bowles in NC. Dammit. I have an irrational hatred of Liddy Dole, due to her weird automaton-like persona.

Joe Biden (D) in Delaware.

Roberts (R) of Kansas, unopposed.

Levin (D) of Michigan over Raczkowski.

Collins (R) in Maine.

Inhofe (R) in Oklahoma.
5 pm PST Senate and Results

Rockefeller (D) in West Virginia.

Sessions (R) in Alabama.

Cochran (R) in Mississippi.

Kerry (D) in Massachusetts.

Again, no shockers.
4 pm PST Senate results

Warner (R) comes from ahead to win in Virginia. No Democratic opposition.

Mitch McConnell (R) is projected to win in Kentucky.

Simply shocking, I know.
VNS is Down

Thought you would be going to bed at a reasonable hour after getting the election results? Think again.

So far I can't find it online, but I did see it on the old 20th century medium, teevee. Wolf "the Wolf" Blitzer just did a breaking news bit saying that the Voter News Service (the media co-op that does exit polling for the big news outfits) is not able to project national or state breakdowns.

This might mean that the media fiasco that was the 2000 election, with the networks jumping and switching all through the night is about to look like the bush leagues.....pity the poor talking heads, who are now running partially blind.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Jebus, When Did We Become Such a 3rd World Nation on Election Day?

I call shenanigans! Here are the naked links:

Vote suppression in Baltimore

Neutral Swiss monitors

Not enough voting machines

Voter intimidation, Texas style

Forged ballots

Aerial dogfights

Oh, God. The Russians and Albanians are poll watching, too.

Well, we're down in the command bunker, now getting ready to absorb via all the various media the costant and total over-analysis that is tomorrow's election. We fear that we're not coming out for at least a few days, given the shenanigans, the election lawsuits, the recounts , and the general madness in the air, despite what appears to e record low turnouts......Big dark, soon come.

The last thing: As results come in tomorrow, keep an eye on Maryland 2 and Maryland 8. If they go Dem tomorrow, then the House will go over to the Dems. I am an ex-pat Marylander, and the reports I'm getting suggest that we are in for a defection of conservative Democrats who are coming back home to roost.....

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Parties You've Never Heard Of

Before we get down to the elections this Tuesday, SdB wants to make sure you are fully informed, and to take a look at the full spectrum of parties available for your vote:

  • The ACE Party - Frankly, I can't figure what the hell this party stands for. Their website is a confusing mix of Dianetics lingo and Amway-speak. I think it's a pyramid marketing scheme, myself.

  • The Alaska Independence Party (***WARNING*** Bloody awful MIDI) - People who believe that Alaska's statehood violates UN statutes. If you slog through all of their reasoning, you might think they have a point, albeit a small one.

  • More Jesus parties than you can shake a stick at. Here are a few: The American Heritage Party, the American Party, the Independent American Party, America's Party (I'm sensing a theme here) and the Family Values Party (running because God told him to).

  • The American Pagan Party - Check out the bios of the candidates on the 2004 ticket.

  • The American Nazi Party - 'nuff said.

  • The Autonomy Party - Your basic run-of-the-mill, alcohol-banning, mandatory vegetarian, anti-corporation, pro-bicycle, free college, monarchist, collectivist, Jello Biafra-quoting party. WARNING!!! - Funky-ass website may crash your browser.

  • The Communist Party - Still kicking the Marxism in this day and age. How quaint. I heard that the Nazi Party will be invading the Communist Party on Pay-Per-View later this month.

  • The Constitution Party, not to be confused with the Constitutional Action Party or the Constitutionalist Party. Some of these are unhappy with the Constitution, and others are unhappy with the way it's being interpreted.

  • The Cool American Party - Excerpt from the party's history: "Soon after the raping of the party, Dr. Fresch died from throat cancer." But they've nominated Larry for President, so things are looking up for the Cools in 2004.

  • The Democratic Socialist Party - EuroSoc for Americans.

  • The Expansionist Party - Because the United States is too small.

  • The Freedom Party - I'm not sure what they stand for, except they are really focused on tax code. I'm sure they are really a bunch of wild and crazy guys.....

  • The Freedom Socialist Party - First of all, kudos on nabbing the succinct '' URL! Secondly, this is all you really need to know: "Revolutionary Feminist Internationalists." As a Phallic-American, I feel kind of scared.

  • The Green Panthers - Revolutionaries for the nation of Ganjastan.

  • The Heart Party - C'mon get happy! I think.

  • The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party - A concatenation of National Socialism, Greenism and Libertarianism. Sound scary? The website is actually quite cuddly and seemingly benign, but check out the URL and tell me what you think.....

  • The Light Party - Here there be techno-hippies.

  • The Mountain Party - Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shannendoah River. Life is older, older than the trees.....

  • The Multicapitalism Party - Chill out on the MIDI grooves while you read page after page of beautiful nonsensical gibberish.

  • The New Party - Progressives who are modestly successful in various areas. Also proponents of 'fusion' balloting, which is pretty cool, if you ask me.

  • The Pansexual Peace Party - And I quote: "The principal premise of the PPP is that peace is possible. The primary purpose of the PPP pages is to promote positive political progress and the partnership paradigm through prurient propaganda." Also, they pretty much support sex in any combination or number you can think of, but I guess that goes without saying.

  • The Prohibition Party - If it's fun, then they're agin it.

  • The Revolution - If I were cynical, I'd say it's just RU Sirius' latest public lark/enterprise. Oh, wait, I am cynical: 'The Revolution' is RU Sirius' latest public lark/enterprise pushing the book by the same name. I do like the slogan "Victory over horseshit!" however.

  • The Royalist Party - Dedicated to the foundation of an American monarchy. Not entirely unlike the Bush family.

  • The Southern Party - Radicals from the '60's....the 1860's.